Quality Assurance

Quality Compounding

At BET we honestly care about each and every animal that we compound for. Our staff has a genuine affection for our patients and value them as if they were our own. You can rest assured that BET Pharm scrutinizes every detail of our procedures to guarantee the quality you should expect from a compounding pharmacy.

What also sets BET Pharm apart from other pharmacies is that our compounds are backed by research (click to read our peer reviewed published research articles). We have tested our compounds to verify the time-release pattern closely mimics the endogenous hormones of the animal. This ensure the drug works properly and is more effective than other more crudely made compounds.

Quality Verified

BET Pharm ensures that each of the compounds we make are free of bacteria, endotoxin and fungi. We also perform skip lot testing for potency which simply means we test every other batch to verify the strength of the compound.

NOTE: If you would like us to send you a COA (certificate of Analysis) on any of our compounds you have or would like to order, just let us know (call us: 1-866-707-0998).

Inspected and Verified

BET Pharm has been inspected by the California and Kentucky State boards of Pharmacy as well as the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (Verified Pharmacy Program inspection). We are 1 of only 91 (as of June 2016) Compounding Pharmacies nationwide that holds a sterile compounding permit from the State of California. We also hold a sterile permit for the State of Florida (1 of 194 as of March 2017).

We have also put forth great effort to legitimize our website by registering our domain with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy through their dot pharmacy program (notice it says betpharm.pharmacy in our address – click to learn more). Their rigorous process of vetting pharmacies ensures that you are buying safe medication from real pharmacies on the web.

Standards adherence

BET Pharm follows the standards of practice outlined in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) chapters 71, 85, 795, 797 and the forthcoming 800 (what is known thus far in draft form).  Compounding sterile injectable pharmaceuticals demands a high level of quality with careful, precise, and competent staff consistently performing all of the required tasks correctly every single time.

BET Pharm’s Standard Operating Procedures guide our compounding process and detail the systematic approach to the daily functions of the pharmacy and it’s personnel. Maintaining quality by performing multiple checks in a number of compounding procedural domains ensures our system to be as fail-safe as possible. We continuously monitor, modify, and improve our processes through routine education and training.

When BET compounds a medication you can be sure it’s being made following the guidelines in USP Chapters 71, 85, 795, 797 and 800.

BET also follows the direction of each board of pharmacy jurisdiction in which we are licensed. We must follow and maintain the strictest of any one state’s rules in order to ensure that we are in compliance.

BET Pharm uses the highest quality ingredients in our compounds by purchasing USP or NF grade material only from FDA inspected facilities. Every active pharmaceutical ingredient we purchase comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) which assures it was manufactured under current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and conforms to the standards set by the United States Pharmacopeia or National Formulary.

Each of our compounds are analyzed by a third party laboratory prior to being released. This ensures the safety of our clients by certifying the sterility and efficacy of our medications. Analytical testing results of our compounded sterile preparations are available upon request.

Our Secondary Engineering Controls (SEC) include a NEW state of the art clean room with 4 areas allowing us to compound both non-hazardous and hazardous sterile and non-sterile preparations utilizing positive and negative pressure environments. Within each of these areas we have Primary Engineering Controls (PEC) that achieve or exceed ISO 5 standards giving us the ability to maintain a sterile environment while we compound.

Our Standard Operating Procedures outline our daily and weekly cleaning procedures as well. We perform a complete top to bottom cleaning and disinfection of our clean rooms each week.

In order to validate our cleaning procedures BET Pharm routinely monitors our clean room environment; exceeding the guidelines set out by USP 797. On a weekly basis our staff takes environmental samples of areas inside the clean room and are sent out for analysis by a third party lab for microbial testing. By doing so we’re able to continually monitor for any possible contamination and take immediate action if needed as well as adjust our cleaning procedures to effectively solve the issue.

We also contract with a third party certifier to perform air quality sampling and re-certification of our Engineering Controls every six months to validate their performance.

BET Pharm routinely monitors staff for performing proper hygiene techniques for gowning to enter the clean room and validates each compounder for their sterile practices while compounding.

Our staff continually trains on compounding procedures and is required to be observed and tested annually to be certain their quality is maintained.

BET Pharm inspects and routinely validates the equipment we use for our compounding procedures. Our Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls, the equipment we use to sterilize our glassware and compounding utensils, and especially the sterilizing grade filters used to safeguard against contamination are all validated to ensure that our compounds are processed accurately and correctly every time.

How BET Pharm Assures Quality

If you are assessing compounding pharmacies these are the Quality Controls that should be in place to ensure you're receiving the highest quality compounds.

BET Pharm Quality Controls
We are in compliance with guidelines for sterile and non-sterile compounding, USP <797> & <795>
BET Pharm is held to the standards of every board of pharmacy we hold a license in and we are routinely inspected by the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy for <795> & <797> compliance
BET performs sterility analysis on each batch of sterile compounds by a third party laboratory
We utilize sterilizing grade filters (0.2 micron) in our ISO Class 5 laminar airflow hood or Biological Safety Cabinet inside an ISO Class 7 clean room
For our Microparticle formulation we terminally sterilize our diluent via autoclave and our active via gamma-irradiation
We perform post-filtration filter integrity testing using the bubble point method to ensure the filter maintained function through the sterilization process
We conduct weekly and monthly environmental monitoring and perform laboratory analysis of air and surface samples in our clean room and other controlled environments
All of BET's Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs) are made by a licensed pharmacist
BET Pharm staff is trained and evaluated in aseptic techniques, gowning procedures and proper use of engineering controls to ensure sterility
We routinely have an independent third party inspect and certify our Primary and Secondary Engineering Controls
We utilize ONLY pharmaceutical-grade chemicals (USP, NF equivalent) from FDA-registered suppliers
Available upon request, we retain all Certificates of Analysis (COAs) on our Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
BET's master formula database and batch records for each compounded preparation is maintained and retained giving us the ability to track individual prescriptions back to the original record
Our pharmacists verify the potency of finished compounds through quality control checks including weight, volume and yield
Our compounding process includes the use of bar-coding and balance-computer integration to ensure we have properly weighed the correct ingredients
BET also utilizes bar-coding in the dispensing process to verify that the correct compound is being dispensed according to the prescription
We use image scanners to capture each prescription during the order entry process to simplify and streamline the verification process for our pharmacist
BET has systems in place for handling complaints, sterility failures, adverse events and, if necessary, issuing a recall
A BET Pharmacist reviews and verifies each step of the compounding process all the way through the dispensing of the prescription when it leaves our pharmacy
We routinely perform time-temperature studies on our shipped packages to assess temperature during transit