We’re Launching Soon

We are currently working on making Treats Your PETS can't resist. Watch some videos below to see how much OUR pets love them!

Time left until launch

Meet Cooper

Cooper is one of our dogs that takes Pimobendan for his heart; he needs a specific dose and does not like taking tablets. So we mixed up his medication in one of our Treat formulations. He LOVES when it's time to take it now!

Here's Broden

To be honest with you, Broden likes to eat but not when it's time for medicine. He finds it no matter what you put it in...until now! He really likes our medicated treats!

Meet Lilly

Lilly is our security dog for the building. She keeps everyone in line. She doesn't normally take orders from her underlings but when it comes to our treats, she makes an exception.

Here's Quincy

Quincy is tenacious and a tad hyper; and gets especially hyper when our treats are around!

Meet Layla

Layla loves our treats; she'll do just about any trick to get one! 

Here's Zoey

To be honest with you, Broden likes to eat but he especially likes our treats!

Wimbledon & Harper

Wimbledon and Harper, they're as proper as their names, but even they can't resist cutting loose when our treats are around. 

Meet Lady

Lady is the type of dog that literally crosses her legs while she eats. She's very proper and has been known to turn her nose up at food...but not our treats.


Here's Lucy! She's Lady's sister and honestly one of the sweetest dogs I know. Also, she'll out eat any dog in record time. Don't get in her way when it's feeding time. But when it's time to give her medicine, that's a different story...until we gave her our medicated treats!

Here's Tyson

Tyson! He's not the most obedient dog but he'll do WHATEVER you say when you have one of our treats in your hand.

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