What Is Biorelease?

BET Pharm, LLC has licensed the BioRelease, state of the art, delivery platforms. BioRelease refers to a group of proprietary vehicles that enables the veterinary practitioner to deliver various drugs in a precise release pattern following intramuscular injection. These vehicles include shorter acting liquid formulations designed for controlled release from 12 hours to 12 days and longer acting Lactide-glycolide MICROPARTICLE formulations (as used in bioabsorbable sutures) designed to release from 20 days to 100 days (i.e. 30 day Altrenogest; 100 day Ivermectin formulations). These vehicles are biocompatible and work for a variety of drug classes including steroids, NSAIDs, peptides, thyroxine, anthelmentics, D2-receptor agonists and antibiotics.


What this means in terms of animal health, is the probability of compliance is significantly increased especially when the requirement for daily administration of a drug is present. Compliance is even more likely since the veterinarian is the person giving the injections of the compound, as most actives only have to be injected once per week or once per month.

Biorelease increases compliance and saves time.

Another important benefit of the BioRelease vehicles is they can be used to reduce the likelihood of undesirable drug side effects. For example, when the peptide hormone deslorelin is used in implant form to induce ovulation, it must be removed in 48 hours or there may be an increased probability estrous cycle length will be prolonged if the mare does not become pregnant. This is due to the 50+ hours of deslorelin release which will block the post – ovulatory FSH surge and therefore delay follicular development. When compounded in a BioRelease vehicle and given IM, Deslorelin is released for a sufficient time period which results in optimal release of LH but has no effect on the FSH surge following ovulation. Thus, the chance of prolonged estrous cycles is significantly reduced. Two large scale studies demonstrated that when this vehicle is used to deliver deslorelin at a dose rate of 1.5mg per mare, the pregnancy rate per cycle and the embryo recovery rate per cycle was 12 to 14 % higher than when 2500 IU of hCG was used to induce ovulation.  BET Pharm adheres to external quality control monitoring by independent labs for stability, pyrogens, purity and verification of prescribed potency.

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