Frequently Asked Questions

BET PHARM strictly follows State Board of Pharmacy and Federal Guidelines as well as Standards of U.S. Pharmacopeia 795 & 797 (Pharmaceutical Compounding Non-Sterile Preparations & Sterile Preparations). Our prescriptions are prepared in a class 100 /ISO 5 cleanroom at our State Licensed Pharmacy. Facility & equipment monitoring, Pharmacists continued education & training, and third party testing of formulations for pyrogens, endotoxins, purity, concentrations as well as stability assure the quality of BET PHARM compounded formulations.

BET PHARM accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Please submit your credit card information with your prescription order. Be sure to update any cards that may have expired or changed when you refill your orders so we can avoid delays in filling your prescription.

Licensed veterinarians can order by using our NEW online Pharmacy.

Vets can also order by calling the pharmacy at 1-866-707-0998. Only veterinarians with a valid U.S. license can order prescription medications.

BET PHARM fills and ships the majority of prescriptions (received by 2 PM E.S.T.) on the same day we receive your completed fax order. Please be sure to include all information requested on the Prescription form so that your order can be processed quickly. This includes: patient name, shipping address, & updated credit card information.

If you have a valid refill on a BET PHARM filled prescription you may call in your refill using your prescription #. Both the prescription number and toll free phone number can be found right on your prescription bottle.

We can ship directly to your client/patient. Simply indicate the shipping information for your client on your Prescription Form.

Federal Regulations & State Law do not allow the return of compounded medications. Be sure to order correctly. Contact our Customer Care Specialist to help you determine exactly the formulation that you are looking for.

Veterinarians can open a new account on our website to start ordering online. Our staff will be in contact with the veterinarian to verify all details to ensure we have the correct information. If ordering via fax or phone, an account will be established when we receive your first completed Prescription Form.